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Managers, coaches, multitasking flowers… The most valuable asset of OG is its people.
Meet the OG fam from behind the scenes.

  • Hard support

    Johan Sundstein
    Being the beloved sunflower of Dota 2 really is a magnificent load that BigDaddy has been carrying wonderfully. He founded OG back in 2015, willing to create a team where everyone could rely on each other, and would be given a voice. Went and stayed on top of the scene ever since. Then casually won two Ti titles back to back. Nothing special there, you know. 
  • Offlaner

    Sébastien Debs
    Over the last few years, Ceb showed the world that skills, patience, and most importantly loyalty, can really get you anywhere. He’s been a veteran of the Dota 2 scene forever, and is now one of the most recognized esports figures in the world. Ya know, all in a day’s work.
  • Accountant

    SIlja Sundstein
    Silja is the Lead Accountant & Controller at OG. Using her business degree and years of experience as an auditor she makes sure the administrative- and financial parts of the organisation run smoothly. She loves to stay active, travel and spend time with friends and family.
  • Fanny Meyer
    Fanny is project Manager for OG esport operations. She’s a very positive person, always trying to keep the best of experiences and the people she’s working with ! 
  • Head of Brand

    Kevin Avegård
    A former gamer that turned into a creative. Today, he’s the Swiss army knife of creative work at OG. Under his leadership, teams have created exceptional design, content and creative expressions which is being seen in the industry today.
  • Head of Competitive

    Mike Schwartz
    On top of being big aGundam fan and a  jiujitsu enjoyer, Mike is the head of esports in our organization. Today, he is boarding the OG boat as we needed someone to steer the ship after all the movement happening among our competitive divisions. We are delighted to count him among our ranks, our boys have never been more spoiled.
  • Competitive General Manager

    Valter Gomes
    Big boss Valter is the dream manager for any esports team. Funny, smart, and efficient, but most importantly CEO of good vibes spreading the positive mood around the Sunflower Mansion. Oh yeah, he also looks super cool. Hands off, he's ours.
  • Dota 2 Manager

    Allen Cook
    After a year with NiP in 2020, Allen decided there is no other home for him within esports, and returned to work for OG within our Partnerships team. He spent one year before moving onto his current role of General Manager for the Dota 2 division. 
  • CS:GO Team Manager

    Vladyslava Zakhliebina
    Now, if you're looking for a super skilled multitask esports queen, trust us, Vladyslava is your girl. From pro-CS player to the journalist, social media and content manager, talent, host, reporter, general manager… she’s basically on every front you can think of.
  • Valorant Team Manager

    Julien Ducros
    After 3 years as a succesful Overwatch coach among various squads, he moved his abilities to Valorant and joined OG as head coach back in 2020. After a rough year of trial and error, in 2022 OG is back into the scene and built a brand new squad under Julien's supervision.  His expertise and knowledge will be the perfect tool to lead them through this new chapter of our journey. 
  • Head of Sponsorship

    Romane Sorine
    Saying that Romane is passionate would be way behind the actual level of dedication she showed to OG since she joined the org back in 2018. Huge sports and football lover, bigboss Romane brings competition and performance to new standards in everything she does. Her business degree and management experience carved her a strong unstoppable mind as our Head of Sponsorship.
  • Partnership Account Manager

    Alexandre Alloncle
    On top of being a gigachad, Alex has a curriculum as long as OG's achievements. His ingenious nature mixed to his experience ensure him to always keep trick up his sleeve. 
  • Partnership Account Manager

    Antònio Azevedo
    From Marketing Manager to Account Manager, António has worked with many different brands and startups and is ready to help in the Partnerships department at OG. Being born on the other side of the world, Macao, António loves to travel, meet different cultures, and have a fresh can of Red Bull in the sun of Lisbon.
  • Content creation manager

    Michael Mavromatis
    THE DANK GOD HIMSELF, proudly sprinkling our content with memes. You may know Michael Mavromatis by the online name of Mav/TryMike4instance (if you have taste). With 3 years of 3D industry experience and 10 years of dota content creation, he is also fluent in Greek, English and Russian. He has been working with us since 2020, making sure our content is regularly fueled with good meme videos.
  • CSGO Social Media Manager

    Dorian Costanzo
    Describing Dorian as a multitasking champ would be an understatement.  When he is not handling our social strategy or covering a Best Of 5, he might be climbing a mountain or biking on an off-trail road somewhere. He's one the most reliable assets of OG (on top of being one of the funniest). 
  • Dota 2 Social Media Manager

    Manon Bojan
    Manon is the link between OG and its community. She is in charge of all the social media platforms of OG Dota 2, as well as the official OG esports Discord server, where she makes sure that the OG fans are welcomed. Meme away, Manono, and let's #DreamOG.
  • Fan Engagement Coordinator

    Joshua Norris
    Josh started as a Discord moderator on the OG server, but has also been working within the scene as a social media manager since late 2020, working with teams competing in both the DPC and TI10. He was made a full-time member of the OG family in late October 2021.
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